Realm-cli - push failed: unable to resolve necessary application data

I successfully managed to push application changes to Realm via the CLI (as I have many times previously), however, in attempting to re-push one minute later, I received the following:
Determining changes
push failed: unable to resolve necessary application data

I haven’t been able to push changes since (~1 hour now).
I’m also using v.2.3.2 of the CLI:
> realm-cli --version
realm-cli version 2.3.2

Logging into the CLI again didn’t help, and I can’t seem to find any detail on this error message anywhere.

As an update, my recent changes included a migration away from a 3rd Party Service to a HTTPS Endpoint (given 3rd Party Services have been deprecated). Dropping the HTTPS Endpoint and re-pushing the project seems to have provided a workaround.

After trying many other things to deal with exactly the error you were getting – “push failed: unable to resolve necessary application data” – I finally tried removing the single test HTTPS Endpoint I had made, and now I can push successfully.

Is there a bug involving pushing apps containing HTTPS Endpoints in general?

I ran npm upgrade -g mongodb-realm-cli, added my endpoint back, pulled, made a minor change, pushed, and it all worked. I only installed realm-cli within the last couple weeks but maybe I somehow started with an outdated version. The latest works fine for me, so problem solved.

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