Realm-cli pull is not update to date

when i ran this:

npx realm-cli pull --remote=msshop2-nwtia

i get outdated function, not the same function in the realm.
ive already asked for bug report with chat on mongodb dashboard, but its been more than 1 week with reply.

when i export the app in mongodb realm, iam getting the latest update.

i mean no reply from chat

Hi James,

I’m not sure if you’ve solved this already since this was posted a while ago.

If you’re not getting a pull of concurrent app configurations, it’s possible that you have drafts enabled and have not deployed the latest draft changes for your function before doing the pull request.


hi Mansoor,
it is live working function, and working as updated.
only pull is not giving updated one

Hi James,

Which realm-cli version do you have installed?

What time/date was the last time this problem happened?