Realm-cli - pull and push commands aren't available?

I am referring to

Realm-cli help doesn’t show pull and push commands.
Is it still available or it has replaced by other commands.

realm-cli --help shows below:

Available commands are:
diff View the changes you would make to the current app without importing the changes.
export Export a realm application to a local directory.
import Import and deploy a realm application from a local directory.
login Log in using an Atlas Programmatic API Key
logout Deauthenticate as an administrator.
secrets Add or remove secrets for your Realm App.
whoami Display Current User Info

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Please check which realm-cli version you’re using via realm-cli --version.
The article you linked only applies to version 2 as mentioned therein.

To install realm-cli version 2, please run npm install -g mongodb-realm-cli@beta


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@Mansoor_Omar Thanks for your reply.

V2 is currently in the beta phase, is there any plan to roll this out to latest?