Realm cli - force import

I am using realm-cli import command to deploy the changes. It always prompts to confirm the changes. Can this be ignored in any way?

realm-cli import --app-id=<api_id> --path=<project_path>

Please confirm the changes shown above: [y/n]:

the --yes flag should automatically proceed through prompts:

realm-cli --help

      --profile string         specify the profile name to use (default "default")
      --telemetry string       enable or disable telemetry (this setting is remembered), available options: ["off", "on"]
  -o, --output-target string   write output to the specified filepath
  -f, --output-format string   set the output format, available options: [json]
      --disable-colors         disable output styling
  -y, --yes                    set to automatically proceed through command confirmations
  -h, --help                   help for realm-cli
  -v, --version                version for realm-cli

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