Realm CLI constantly says app is identical to proposed version

I am trying to manually deploy a realm app and it just keeps saying it’s already identical to the proposed version:

npx mongodb-realm-cli import --remote=$APP_ID
Determining changes
Deployed app is identical to proposed version, nothing to do

I have made changes in the UI multiple times and nothing works. Has anyone had a problem like this? Definitely feels like a bug as well.

nvm I figured this out. works fine.

Hello @Lukas_deConantseszn1,

Thanks for raising your query. The message means that the diff of the imported config against the server-side config is the same.

depending on what changed you might need one of:

  • --include-node-modules
  • --include-package-json
  • --include-hosting

If you resolved this, could you let the community know how you fixed it? :smiley:


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I was in the wrong directory I think :sweat_smile: so we are good!

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