Realm CLI constantly says app is identical to proposed version

I am trying to manually deploy a realm app and it just keeps saying it’s already identical to the proposed version:

npx mongodb-realm-cli import --remote=$APP_ID
Determining changes
Deployed app is identical to proposed version, nothing to do

I have made changes in the UI multiple times and nothing works. Has anyone had a problem like this? Definitely feels like a bug as well.

nvm I figured this out. works fine.

Hello @Lukas_deConantseszn1,

Thanks for raising your query. The message means that the diff of the imported config against the server-side config is the same.

depending on what changed you might need one of:

  • --include-node-modules
  • --include-package-json
  • --include-hosting

If you resolved this, could you let the community know how you fixed it? :smiley:


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I was in the wrong directory I think :sweat_smile: so we are good!

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I have the same issue now. Functions update as expected, but my sync/config.json file seems to not react to changes.

Hello @Thomas_Anderl ,

Thank you for raising your concern. Could you confirm if this has been fixed for you or could you share more details on what changes you implemented and what errors are you getting?

I look forward to your response.


Hey @henna.s,

the issue is not fixed for me. I created a seperate post here:

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