Realm-cli cannot export within config directory

When I run this command from the root of my local repository

realm-cli export --app-id=<...> --for-source-control

I get

cannot export within config directory "..."

This is due (I presume) to the fact that this is the directory containing the top-level config.json for the realm app.

This doesn’t make sense to me because this is the repository root and the exported files are supposed to be integrated into this repository (actually, mostly overwriting this directory’s contents). If I can’t pull these files into the git repo, how am I supposed to then subsequently

git add .
git commit -m "..."
git push origin master
^^^^ or whichever remotes I have configured for this repo which I want to keep

Thanks in advance,


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Has anyone else come across this issue? Am I misusing the realm-cli tool somehow? Or am I misunderstanding it’s use/purpose?

This is a key piece of my workflow and it is blocking me from moving forward on some significant work

Did you try: realm-cli import