Realm-cli apps diff requires more rights than Organization Member


I noticed last week that the realm-cli stopped working for previewing the diff and also to push updates.
I found this other topic which might be related, as I noticed it in my CI as well, but is not identical to my issue:

We are using the command realm-cli apps diff to calculate the difference before deploying the configuration via realm-cli apps push. Even tough I didn’t change anything on the authentication nor commands, it started to fail. I can reproduce it with the following series of commands:

$ realm-cli login
there was an issue opening your browser
? Private API Key ************************************
Successfully logged in
$ realm-cli whoami
Currently logged in user: <REDACTED PUBLIC API KEY> (********-****-****-****-<REDACTED PRIVATE API KEY>)
$ realm-cli apps diff
app diff failed: 403 Forbidden
$ realm-cli push
Determining changes
push failed: 403 Forbidden

In comparison, the following works just fine:

$ realm-cli apps list
Found 5 apps

After changing the permissions of my API key from Organization Member to Organization Owner the commands started working again.

I expected the Organization Member rights to be enough for the diff command. Has there been a recent change for the minimum required permissions?
Furthermore I was always able to push changes as an Organization Member before, now it mentions that this is read-only.