Realm-cli apps create/ init flags issue

I’ll try to explain what I want to do.

Let’s say I have 3 projects in my organisation (Dev, Q, and production) and I work on my Realm applications on dev and now they’re are ready to be moved to Q but don’t want to move them manually each time.

So I have made a shell script which moves them for me by taking ID inputs and runs the command " realm-cli apps init --remote $ID --name “test” " and afterwards runs “realm-cli push -y” this will prompt me to choose a project and I’ll have to manually choose a project.

I might have missed it but can’t figure it out if it is possible to pass this project id along with the push command so it will push it to the desired project without relying on direct input but just the IDs and the ID of the desired project ?

Also for some reason it doesn’t recognize the --name flag and just uses the name from the remote flag.

I’ve tried using “realm-cli apps create” instead but this command always creates the new realm application in the same project.

I hope it makes sense, and there is a solution.

Hi @Frederik_Juel_Andersen_Hurup -

Apologies for the late reply, but you can use the followng:

realm-cli pull --remote <app name> --project 5e98ccfcff71cb2e9b84c821

I don’t believe we support the --name flag, do you mind pointing me to where you found a reference to that flag?


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