Realm category and tag adjustments October 2020

G’day MongoDB Community members!

We’ve made some category & tag adjustments for Realm discussion based on community feedback.

Realm has always been a popular discussion category, but the introduction of MongoDB Realm & the Realm Sync Beta in June has significantly expanded the scope of topics.

The Realm Database is an open source embedded database accessed via the Realm SDKs (currently Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift, and C#). MongoDB Realm provides Realm Sync (data synchronisation between applications using Realm Database and MongoDB Atlas) as well as a growing number of Application Development Services that can be called from web applications.

The Realm Database & MongoDB Realm work together as an integrated solution, but also have substantial standalone use cases. To help facilitate discussion, we have created a new Realm SDKs category focused on mobile development topics including the Realm SDKs and Realm Studio. Topics in the MongoDB Realm category will be focused on web development and MongoDB Realm features including Realm Sync and Application Development Services.

For an overview of topics within each of these categories (as well as links to some additional relevant resources including Documentation and Feature Requests), please see:

The category and tags for existing discussions in the MongoDB Realm category are being updated to reflect this change, so you may notice some discussion updates over the next few days as the MongoDB Community team reviews existing topics and makes adjustments.

Please let us know what you think of the changes, or if you have any additional suggestions.

The MongoDB Community Team