Realm auto deployment via git issues

Hi I’m just trying out the automatic deployment via git. Couple of issues:

  1. Despite having an M2 cluster with only 3 database triggers, I’m getting the error

Failed: failed to import app: error validating trigger: maximum database trigger count for cluster size='M0' is 5

  1. I’m finding that once I push to the deployment branch, realm registers the deployment in the UI right away but it remains pending for 8 - 12 minutes before it actually deploys. Is this normal?

  2. When the deployment is “pending” the realm UI shows the Deployment ID/Name to be the commit message of the previous commit (one behind the commit that triggered the deployment) is this a bug?

Any help appreciated, really looking forward to getting the app into production and #1 in particular is a big barrier right now.

Hi @Shea_Dawson

  1. sometimes we need to re-register your cluster with the app. If you unlink and link the data source in your app, I think that should help. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

  2. Are you deploying things like dependencies and static assets? That could cause a bit more slownness

  3. That might be a bug, I’ll flag this to the team

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