Readme: setting up mflix (installing requirements)

unable to find the requirements.txt file when running the command “pip install -r requirements”, but I think I am in the right folder

please can someone help !!!

Hey @saurel_momnugi,

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Can you please confirm that you had extracted the requirements.txt file in the same folder in which you are running the installation command? Also, there’s another error in the terminal

fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process...

which usually suggests that either python or pip or some library is not properly installed. This issue has been reported for pip version 10 for windows systems, which was because of a distlib bug. You can try following the thread and see if the workarounds there help you or not. But, since the course has been tested on python 3.8, I would suggest you use that to set up the course instead of going for other versions.

Let us know if this issue is resolved or not. Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.