Reading Documents: Scalar Fields how to connect the mongoshell to cluster0/m001RS?

Hey guys,
I am following M001 MongoDB Basics for school but i got stuck at Chapter 2 lesson Reading Documents Scalar Fields. In this class shannon uses M001 RS instead of the earlier made M001 Sandbox. but does not explain how you connect the MongodbShell to the M001 RS/ and i can’t figure it out. I am really stuck this is very frustrating. Can someone please help me?

Hello Nadia_93336,

Thanks for the note. You don’t actually need to connect to the class Atlas cluster with the Mongo shell - you should be able to connect with Compass to follow along with the Scalar Fields lesson.

I hope this helps.


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It does work with Compass. But it would have been nice to perform the queries also using the shell connected to the clas Atlas cluster. I change a bit the queries so I performed the queries on my own sandbox. Use “actors” instead of "cast.