Read own writes in a MongoDB replicaset. Casual consistency not working?

I am using mongodb in a 3-member replicaset, trying to read my own writes. However, I seem to be getting stale data back from my reads. According to the documentation, by doing read/write with “majority” concerns, it should guarantee that:

“Read operations reflect the results of write operations that precede them.”

The same is stated in this post from 2018:

The causal read R1 with read concern majority waits to see T1 majority committed before returning success.

However, I can’t seem to be so lucky. The code below inserts a user and instantly tries to find that same user by the ID. This is done in a loop and only takes 1-3 iterations before it fails with “User not found”.

IMongoCollection<User> collection = MongoDatabase.GetCollection<User>("UserCollection")

Random rnd = new Random();

while (true)
	User newUser = new User
		Email = $"{rnd.Next(int.MinValue, int.MaxValue)}"


	if (newUser.Id == ObjectId.Empty)
		throw new Exception("Id is empty");

	var findFluent = collection.Find(Builders<User>.Filter.Eq(x => x.Id, newUser.Id));
	User foundUser = findFluent.FirstOrDefault();

	if (foundUser == null)
		throw new Exception("User not found");

I have specified “Majority” concerns for both read/write. And I specify “Secondary” as read preference for the sake of testing this. If I specify “Primary” as the read preference, this will never fail (obviously).

What am I doing wrong?

The problem I was having, was that I was not doing the operations in a session. By doing so, I am no longer able to reproduce the problem.

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