React Native realm.objects 'live' query not updating list when data changes

const [groupList, setGroupList] = React.useState<Realm.Results<Group & Realm.Object>>();

setGroupList(realm.objects(GROUP_SCHEMA).filtered(organizationId == "${organizationId}" AND ANY userIdSet CONTAINS "${loggedInUserId}").sorted(‘updateTime’, true));

When a group’s data is updated in realm, I want the list to update and re-sort based on the updateTime as shown above however this doesn’t appear to be happening. The individual objects are indeed changing however the list itself doesn’t appear to re-sort based on the changed data in my React state object.

Please advise.

Ok so perhaps this is the place where listeners are relevant?

Next question is what is the appropriate way to reset the state in this case? Would that be to do something like this?

tempGroupList.addListener(() => {
 setGroupList(realm.objects<Group>(GROUP_SCHEMA).filtered(`organizationId == "${organizationId}" AND ANY userIdSet CONTAINS "${loggedInUserId}"`).sorted('updateTime', true));
return () => {

It just seems odd that just to re-order the list that I would have to re-query it but if this is the proper pattern, so be it.