React Native Realm not syncing with MongoDB cluster


I’m unable to find the document I’ve created in a synced client realm in my connected MongoDB cluster. I’m able to query for the document I’ve created in the synced client realm, but when I check Atlas, the document isn’t in the collection.

I was under the impression that any mutations conducted in the synced client realm would persist to the MongoDB data cluster.

Does anyone have any insight into what’s going on?

Thank you!

@Jerry_Wang Can you please share logs on the client and server side that correspond to the time where you made the mutation?

I am also having this same issue using the node client.

Creations and modifications on anything on the client side are not reflected in the collections when I view them in compass.

Kinda terrifying tbh

Hey @Benjamin_Storrier we’ve spoken on email - I am looking into your issue right now - I will get back to via email and I am also happy to update your forum post with the findings. Yours is actually pretty unique

I am interested in @Jerry_Wang logs because generally there are a few simple remedies to documents not syncing - the most common culprit is a schema mismatch between the client and server schema. This can be remedied by matching the schemas and often requires a wipe of the client side as well.

Jerry - if you’d rather share logs privately you can email me at

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the support! I figured out that the main culprit was a permissions error, so I’ve given every user read and write permissions to everything (currently in development mode) for now, and everything’s syncing correctly so far. I’ll figure out how to correctly configure permissions later down the line and let you know if anything comes up.

Once again, I really appreciate your work and support!

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Hi @Ian_Ward

Yes! Thanks for being so quick to respond - its really great.

I added to this post because I didn’t think the other item we were discussing is related to this one.

Do you think this issue and my other issue might be related somehow?


Hi @Jerry_Wang

When you say that your main culprit was a permission issue - did you see logs / messages that guided you to that conclusion?

@Ian_Ward - If this is the case - I would be a little confused about write permissions.
If a user doesn’t have permission to write to a realm, then I would have assumed that they would not be able to write to the local version of it.
If not - then the suggestion here is that a user can write to a local version of a realm they don’t have permissions to without triggering an error with the only consequence being that the data does not get synced back to the cloud.

This would be most unexpected.

@Benjamin_Storrier Your issue does not have to do with permissions - its internal - and has to do with merging changes - I am working with engineering right now on this and will provide you with more information when I we complete our investigation.

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