React Native demo app needs an update

The React Native app for Realm is a hot mess. It has a lot of code that calls deprecated lifecycle methods like componentWill_blah methods along with invalid configs like warn Package uuid has been ignored because it contains invalid configuration.

Are there any plans to deliver an updated app so that folks like me that are evaluating the product have something to demo?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums. Apologies for the experience you’re having with the React Native demo app. Lots has changed within Realm in the last year and our Docs and Education team are working on new and updated Demos to showcase Realm across all SDKs including React Native. These Demos should be available around the same time as our .Live event which is on the 9th & 10th of June - so it’s only a few weeks away.

Please let us know in the forums if there’s any way we can help you further in your evaluation and we’ll try to assist.

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@Michael_Stelly - can you provide a link to the specific app that you’re referring to?

Sure. Here you go. I believe this is one of the many I tried yesterday in my search. It’s the only one in the Realm doc.

On a related note, in Realm Studio, the link labeled “Start with React Native” points here which leads to the Xamarin doc.

Yes, there is a way to help. Give me a workable React Native tutorial so that I can properly evaluate the tool. I have a decision to make long before your June target date.

Hi all,
I created an updated solution to the outdated RN doc example. Feel free to use it when updating the documentation @Shane_McAllister.
Realm example using Hooks.

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Hi Michael,

Wow - great! Thanks for that. I’ll try to get somebody to review that and get any feedback back to you.


What I’m not sure of is the realm.close() return block. If useEffect is executed on update and the db is open, the return code will close it. That doesn’t sound right. I think it should have a componentDidMount behavior, then a separate workflow behavior that closes to db.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll have to think about this more. But it’s a start.

I’ve updated my example with this gist. Hope it helps. But this forum won’t let me post the link from Github. It’s public, so you can find my user mjstelly and pull it from there.

Here’s the link that @Michael_Stelly refers to above:

Not sure why it didn’t let him post the link. :frowning:

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