Re-Authenticate Last-User during App restart while OFFLINE


I encountered a problem with my realm setup. For some reason the user gets logged out if he closes the app while being offline. But I want him to stay logged in all the time until he logs out manually.

I use flexible sync and I wrap the RealmProvider by AppProvider as well as UserProvider.

My code looks like this:

const realmFileBehavior = {
    type: "downloadBeforeOpen",
    timeOut: 1000,
    timeOutBehavior: "openLocalRealm"

<AppProvider id="...">
    <UserProvider fallback={<SignIn />}>
        <RealmProvider sync={{
            flexible: true,
            existingRealmFileBehavior: realmFileBehavior,
            newRealmFileBehavior: realmFileBehavior

If I restart the app while being offline the SignIn component is displayed. So I assume that the UserProvider can’t get the user. But I want the user to be logged in until he logs out regardless of internet connection. Is that possible?