Quiz: Updating Documents in the shell

In the second attempt, i provided the correct answers (choice 1,2). But it shows me incorrect answer.

Hi @Somasekhar_Reddy_Alla,

The answer choices are shuffled so I don’t know the ordering in which it appeared for you but let’s discuss this on a personal chat since this is a graded assessment.

I have sent you an inbox please respond to it.

~ Shubham

I’m not convinced by the answers, so I went test in the shell.
About this quiz there is something not right: the update condition used “pet”: “cat” but the document has “pet”: “wolf”. and because of that none of commands for this question will add a field to the document.
In case, the condition matched, “$set”: { “climate”: “continental” }} will reset the field “climate”.
I m be wrong but i think I did choose the first two options and did pop that I didn’t get that right

if you can check all my attempts, please update my grade on this quiz.


Hi @Mohamed_Monktar_O_O_BELLO,

Sorry, I missed your earlier response.

The problem statement says this:
Given a pets collection where each document has the following structure and fields:

The document shown in the question is just an example doc. The goal behind sharing it is to show the structure of the document and the field that it contains. Hope it helps!

Let me know if you still have any questions.

~ Shubham