Quiz Question - Problem Statements Continued

Just wanted to raise a concern about the second quiz question in this course, as the correct answer actually references information that isn’t provided.

The question states: “Around noon, your co-worker comes to you for help with a MongoDB issue. There have been reports of slow queries and your co-worker doesn’t know what next steps to take. If you have no other information, which of the following would be the most concise problem statement for this issue?”

My key concern with the question is the phrase “If you have no other information” - there is no mention of specific data collections in the statement, but the correct answer references a problem with a specific data collection and not others. How can this assumption be drawn?

Can the initial statement at least provide that additional piece of information to remove this weird assumption so that we know the data structure being implied or am I totally missing something here?

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Hey @Adrian_Wagner,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums :sparkles:

We apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. However, we appreciate your feedback and will surely forward this to our curriculum engineers and ask them to consider your feedback.

In case of any further queries/doubts, please feel free to reach out.


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