Quiz on Ordered Insert Correction

It seems to me that the correct answer for the quiz testing understanding of a document insert into a collection might be incorrect. It asks:
“Which of the following commands will successfully insert 3 new documents into an empty pets collection?”
And one of the correct answers involves setting the ‘ordered’ parameter to ‘true’ which from the documentation here seems like it would halt any further processing of documents once an error is encountered. This seems contrary to the desired behavior the question is posing but I may be misinterpreting the question.

Any clarification/validation of my understanding would be greatly appreciated!

You are right about { ordered : true } halting further inserts. However, in my case anyway, the answer where { ordered : true } is used is marked as being incorrect.

It looks like I was navigating the ‘show solution’ incorrectly, my apologies!

Hi @Ian_Dershem,

Closing this thread as your doubts are resolved now.

~ Shubham