Quiz insert order

Which of the following commands will successfully insert 3 new documents into an empty pets collection?
Correct me, if I’m wrong. The first two options only inserted 3 documents into empty collections. 3 & 4 options are same. (i.e., Default ordered option is true and both created single document under empty collections.). If I’m correct, then kindly make my submission as “Pass”. Here with I have enclosed the screenshot of my submission.

Not really.

Options 3 inserts 3 documents the one with _id:1, _id:2 and first _id:3, that is pet:fish. The last is not inserted as it is a duplicate entry. So this option should be checked.

Options 4 only inserts _id:1,pet:cat.

Got it @steevej-1495 . It’s my mistake, that I didn’t include the array in my execution.

MongoDB Enterprise atlas-7aawne-shard-0:PRIMARY> db.pet1.insert({"_id":1,“pet”:“cat”},{"_id":2,“pet”:“dog”},{"_id":3,“pet”:“fish”},{"_id":3,“pet”:“snake”})
“nInserted” : 0,
“writeError” : {
“code” : 11000,
“errmsg” : “E11000 duplicate key error collection: myFirstDatabase.pet1 index: id dup key: { _id: 1.0 }”
MongoDB Enterprise atlas-7aawne-shard-0:PRIMARY>

Thanks for the reply.