Quiz: Insert Errors - There is no way to ensure that duplicate records are not stored in MongoDB question


So this is one of the questions in the Chapter 3 quizes. Can we please stop with the double negatives? I had hoped in the last couple of years someone had been through the university documentation and cleaned it up.

There is no way to ensure that duplicate records are not stored in MongoDB?

How about

Is it possible to stop duplicate records being stored in MongoDB using Schema Validation?

Okay. It isn’t clear that the original question is referring to schema validation, that should be implied in the question, especially if you want someone to read it if to answer the question. Also how about in the answer, showing how it would be done. I read the associated documents and it wasn’t clear.

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Agreed! I have experienced this several times, and felt very unsure how to approach these questions sprinkled throughout the course. Not unsure from a lack of knowledge, but rather confusion because of the grammar being used/how the questions are worded.

At such times, it felt more like an English language exercise than learning noSQL fundamentals…

That is the point of the post, the focus should be on the solving the problem, not understanding the question :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, I get it now… :thinking: …the approach is a bit unconventional, I must say, but I see where you are going with this.

Hi @NMullins ,

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to the team and we will make the necessary changes.

~ Shubham

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