Quiz: Data Explorer shows incorrect result

I run the filter command on sample_training.trips collection:

{"birth year":1961, "start station name":"Howard St & Centre St"}

This was the output:

{"_id":{"$oid":"572bb8222b288919b68abf5b"},"tripduration":{"$numberInt":"889"},"start station id":{"$numberInt":"268"},"start station name":"Howard St & Centre St","end station id":{"$numberInt":"3002"},"end station name":"South End Ave & Liberty St","bikeid":{"$numberInt":"22794"},"usertype":"Subscriber","birth year":{"$numberInt":"1961"},"start station location":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[{"$numberDouble":"-73.99973337"},{"$numberDouble":"40.71910537"}]},"end station location":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[{"$numberDouble":"-74.015756"},{"$numberDouble":"40.711512"}]},"start time":{"$date":{"$numberLong":"1451606466000"}},"stop time":{"$date":{"$numberLong":"1451607356000"}}}

I copied and pasted it into the Quiz form and got the wrong answer.

The explanation was not OK as it was asking for the output of the find action.

Hello @Sergio_Ildefonso and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums. :wave:

The following is taken from the quiz:

In the sample_training.trips collection a person with birth year 1961 took a trip that started at “Howard St & Centre St”. What was the end station name for that trip?

Copy and paste your answer from the Atlas UI to the response text box. The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.

Note that the answer would be the value of the end station name. This would need to be put in a set of double quotes to get the correct answer.

Hi Doug.
Thanks for the welcome.
I got it.
I feel a little unfair because I used the correct query to get the data.

Hi @Sergio_Ildefonso,

Welcome to the MongoDB University forums :sparkles:

Since you got the MQL query right, we’re giving you credit. We appreciate your effort! :sparkles:

Good Luck with the rest of the course!


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Hello Kushagra.
Thanks for the welcome.
Thank you very much.

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