Quiz Chapter 4 same data answer after reload

This question : # of zips over 1 Million or under 5000.
So spoiler , there are just 4 over 100,000 and they are under 200,000
that leaves the query as simple as lt <5000 Problem is my answer 18277 is flagged wrong.

I dropped the Db cluster and reloaded it and still get same answer. mongodb+srv://:@cluster0.x6u09.mongodb.net/test

Question : this answer must be vetted and I have changed the query to also do 4000 and the data makes sense.

What seems to be the issue with such an apparent trivial search ?? and I want to proceed but need to get this right.

Using Mongosh from Compass


Your query is find to count number of zips with less than 5000 people. But that was not the question.

The question is

How many zips in the sample_training.zips dataset are neither over-populated nor under-populated?

In this case, we consider population of more than 1,000,000 to be over-populated and less than 5,000 to be under-populated.

With $lt:5000 you simply counted the number of zips that are under-populated.

oops exactly between not either over or under, Thanks