Quiz - Cannot find the key with value 'labors of love'

I am not able to find the key in the movie collection which contains value ‘labor of love’. Can someone please assist me

What did you try so far? Where did it failed? What issues did you encounter? Please post screenshots?

Hi @Gautu_Pinkyar,

In this Quiz, you need to compute the labor_of_love field as it does not exist for the documents yet.

Take a look at the dataset to see the writers, directors and cast field. Clean-up these fields, if required and then you need to find $setIntersection of the three fields.
Using aggregation pipelines, create labor_of_love field that ensures the intersection of cast, writers and directors is greater than 0.

I hope it helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


same issue, I am unable to understand the lab question for “labor of love”. The ask is not clear. I did randomly selected answer and luckily completed at first attempt. But, I still want to write this MQL. Could you please elaborate the ask here.

Ran below MQL and found no records have “labor” in it.

db.movies.find({“title” : { $regex : /love/ } },{"_id" :0, “title” :1})

Please read the last post of this thread just before yours.

Yes sure, may be they can simplify the ask in Course so student like me can understand it in better way :slight_smile:


Hi @Govind_Joshi,

I completely agree with you and apologies for the confusion caused here.

The phrase “labor of love” tends to create confusion in the problem statement. The simplified statement would be: Find the number of documents in the movies collection where the same person appears in the cast, directors, and writers field.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,
Sonali Mamgain

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