Quiz 2: cannot find 100YWeatherSmall.data collection

In which database it is present?
i only have 3 dbs admin,local,videos

You must be connected to your Sandbox server. You need to connect to M001’s server to find the 100YWeatherSmall database. See this lecture on how to connect to it with Compass or this lecture on how to connect to it from the shell.


Is there anyway to connect to the m001 server via the Atlas sign-in site?

The Compass connection seems to be a hit or miss for me.

Since we don’t actually manage that cluster, but MongoU do, I doubt that we can do that. Then again, I haven’t poked around Atlas enough to know whether we can or cannot add third-party-owned clusters on there.

Then again… the exercises are specifically intended to learn more about Compass

Hi timpoppe,

Everyone runs into problem, that’s how we learn. It would be easy to help if you can share the problems you are having with Compass.

Also, check this post and let me know if nothing works!


Hi All.
when i tried to connect from my atlas cluster from shell to Query 100YWeatherSmall.data to find the collection do NOT contain the key atmosphericPressureChange.
i have used the below syntax to find
db.100YweatherSmall.data.find({atmosphericPressureChange: {$exisits: false}})

identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

100YWeatherSmall is the database. That is what the “dB” refers to. You should not include it in the command. It should be:


Hi goutham_20853,

You need to correct some things if you are running from shell:

  • You can change the current database from Mongo Shell using any of the two ways:
    > use 100YWeatherSmall
    > db.data.count()
    > db.getSiblingDB("100YWeatherSmall").data.count()

Direction is right! You just misspelled $exists .

Use the following command from shell:

> use 100YWeatherSmall
> db.data.find({atmosphericPressureChange: {$exists: false}}) 


Hi Kanika.
Thanks for correcting me.now it looks good.

Thanks Tess for helping me.

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