Question on Lab Launching Mongod validate_lab_launch_mongod

  1. I followed all the instructions for running on port 27000 and ip (both local and 103.100 etc. except missing on authentication option. I did create the user and when ran the validate command below getting the error as below. What should I do.

MongoDB Enterprise > validate_lab_launch_mongod
2019-02-16T18:54:35.309+0000 E QUERY [thread1] ReferenceError: validate_lab_launch_mongod is not defined :
MongoDB Enterprise >

You ran the command inside the Mongo shell. You should not. It’s a Linux command.

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Worked. Awesome! Now no one should question why you get the big bucks.


Pffft :stuck_out_tongue: If this was all it took… :wink:

Yeah I am a very generous guy. Anyways thanks again to all of you who pitch in to help.