Question of Replication Node Configuration Setting - votes

As far as I know, Replication Deployment does not recommend an even number of members.

However, if I use an even number of members, and I give the configuration settings of one of them to {priority:0, vote:0}, then this Replication Deployment is an odd number of members?
Or can I solve the problem of an even number of members?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

The recommendation is based on voting members so if you have an even number of replica set members (for example, 4) but an odd number of voting members (3), that is still following the general guidance.

You can include an even number of voting members in your replica set configuration, but thiat does not improve fault tolerance. For example: the strict majority of a 3 member replica set is 2; the strict majority of a 4 member replica set is 3. In both cases there is a fault tolerance that allows a primary to be elected (or sustained) in the event a single voting member of the replica set is unavailable.


Thanks to you, I solved my curiosity. :smiley:

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