Question about the mongostat tool

I have a question concerning the mongostat tool.

There is one field called getmore for which I need some explanations.

Looking in the documentation gives an idea of the meaning, it states:


    The number of get more (i.e. cursor batch) operations per second.

But concretely, what does this exactly mean?

An example by someone who clearly understands the idea may be helpful.

The same goes for the fields dirty and used.
Some simple explanation, maybe with an example, would help to understand what these are about. Because I am not confident that the interpretation (based on the doc) I have is right.

Hi @Michel_Bouchet,

We have a great community forum where you can have an in-depth conversation about specific use cases and interesting problems that you get to solve using MongoDB. I would highly recommend posting your question there for a more involved discussion.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

OK. Thank you.