Question about the correctness of an answer to thi lab

The Problem in question In this exercise, IMO I would also need to be authorized as having specific permission to be able to change the password and not just be authenticated as being me, who cares if I’m jason, we don’t allow Jasons to change this password unless he is _blank_authorized. Does that make sense? now that the possessive apostrophe has been taken away from my now pluralized name. Sorry about that.

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What is the title of the learning activity?

Chapter 1: Database User Authentication it is linked the way that I was shown in my community guidance.

Hey @Jason_Nutt,

Thanks for your feedback. Here I’m tagging @mattjavaly, the curriculum engineer for this course for further explanation on this particular question.!!

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav,
Curriculum Services Engineer

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Hi @Jason_Nutt ,

Thanks for posting, and I’m sorry about the confusion. It is true that in order to change the wifi password, you need to be authorized to do so. However, the act of changing the password itself is an authentication update, regardless of the permissions of the user who changes it.

I hope this helps, and please post here if you have any other questions!


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It does help. Thanks so much @mattjavaly . I appreciate your time.

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