Question about synchronization

Hello friends,
I am experiencing a problem. After setting up all the objects, subscriptions to the sync I can see that in the web realm application all the schemas auto fill as it suppose to. But the problem comes when I try to create a new object with a click of a button the application just close down without an error (I am using android emulator with expo and react native and realm). But after some time a 10-30 min it adds the new objects and retrieves from them without closing the application. What causes this issues and is there a way to overcome it ?

thank you for your help,
kind regards Lukas

Hi @Lukas_Vainikevicius,

It’s difficult to point out what may be wrong without looking at your code, can you please post a snippet that clarifies what you’re trying to do? Also, having a look at the logs that the app outputs would help, you can use Realm.App.Sync.setLogLevel(app, 'trace') to retrieve more information about what happens in the background.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work: apparently the objects were added to your local DB, and Sync picked them up when it had a chance, sending them to the backend.