Question 8 - Application Administration

We have user _id : admin.matt.

The question is Which commands would let you see the privileges and actions for this user?

They mark answer db.getUser( “daniel”, { “showPrivileges”: true } ) as correct.

The name is not the same. That does not seem to be valid. I get null if the user does not exist.

Yet another typo.
getUser() will only return user info for an existing user on the same db.
However, @steevej-1495, I can’t find this question on my version of the prep exams from last year. I have a different question in #8 App Admin. It must have been recently added.

I am getting different questions each time I try a sample exam.

I guess they rotate questions from a large pool of questions.

That is why I gave more details than my previous question.

That’s a new feature. Much better than a static set of questions.
Maybe they’re trying to tell us that Daniel is the alias for Matt… try it out on your colleagues :wink:

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