Question 2 of the final for m121 seems incorrect

The questions don’t seem to take the latests changes into account: and the phrasing of " Pipeline 2 fails because the $divide operator only supports numeric types" seems to be wrong. I can’t be more descriptive without giving the answers away.

The “Pipeline 2” one is a bit of trick option and if you don’t look very closely you might miss it.

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Which stage is this being operated on?
  2. How does $divide work within this stage?
  3. What type of object/datatype is being operated on?

If you’re still unclear, perhaps you’ll get a PM from the Curriculum Support Engineer.

PS: I’ve just linked your topic to the course.

Hi @Jurgen_15493,

Please check your discourse inbox for more detailed discussion on this and let me know, if you have any questions.

@007_jb thanks for guiding the user!!