queryString with date range doesn't work

I don’t/can’t use range operator.
I’m trying with no success to use queryString with date range. I’m doing it rightly?

  queryString: {
          defaultPath: '*',
          query: 'createdAt:[2021-11-04T13:30:11.696Z TO *]'

Hey @Ricardo_Paiva! Welcome to Community, I’m a PM on Atlas Search. In regards to your question, queryString only works with AND / OR boolean types, your use of TO will not work.

Is there a reason you can’t use range?

            "range": {
              "path": "released",
              "gt": ISODate("2021-11-04T13:30:11.696Z")
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My query is generated by a lucene query string generator… so it’s a queryString.
But, if it’s not possible I’ll give my way.

I see. Lucene query string is not as maintainable and we’d highly recommend JSON for range. We are open to discussing why, let me know if you want to hop on a call.