Querying Long() data returning wrong results

I have a document that is storing the _id field as: Long(“12345”).

When querying that document using find({_id: 12345})

it’s returning incorrect results.

I’ve tested by wrapping the find logic in a Long and NumberLong function and that returns the correct row.
Examples below work:

  • find({_id: Long("12345")})
  • find({_id: NumberLong("12345")})

I’m mostly wondering that once a document is storing a field as Long(“12345”), Mongo must not be able to implicitly convert the find logic to get the correct row, unless you wrap it in the Long or NumberLong function?

Hello @mongo_maas,

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Apologies for the late response.

I tested it in my environment using mongosh in MongoDB 6.0.5 after inserting {_id: Long("12345")} and it worked fine for me. Sharing the command snippet for your reference:

test> db.new_coll.insertOne({ _id: Long("12345")})
{ acknowledged: true, insertedId: Long("12345") }
test> db.new_coll.findOne()
{ _id: Long("12345") }
test> db.new_coll.findOne({_id: 12345})
{ _id: Long("12345") }
test> db.new_coll.findOne({_id: Long("12345")})
{ _id: Long("12345") }
test> db.new_coll.findOne({_id: NumberLong("12345")})
{ _id: Long("12345") }

test> db.new_coll.insertOne({ _id: Long("1234554344343353")})
{ acknowledged: true, insertedId: Long("1234554344343353") }
test> db.new_coll.findOne({_id: 1234554344343353})
{ _id: Long("1234554344343353") }

Could you please share how you executed those commands and which specific MongoDB version you are using? Also, let me know if you have any further questions or doubts.