Query working in Compass but not in Python

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to automate an update task in python. My query works well when ran on Compass, but nothing happens in python…
I have a collection one field (companiesId) in documents containing one or more values, eg [“00999”,“002601”,“00486”]
I want to update all documents and change the “00999” value to “8000999” while keeping other values.
For my example, I’d like to have [“8000999”,“002601”,“00486”] as result.
I can acheive this with the query :
{‘companiesId’ : “8000999”},
{$set: {“companiesId.$” : “00999”}}

In My Python script, I use:
collection = db.utilisateurs
collection.update_many({‘companiesId’: ‘00999’}, {"$set" : {“companiesId.$” : ‘8000999’} })
but nothing happens (no error message).
Any hints here?
Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Sorry, of course my query was:
{‘companiesId’ : “00999”},
{$set: {“companiesId.$” : “8000999”}}