Query on one of the Practice test question

How can we reduce network latency by providing a read preference of secondary? From my understanding, the correct way to reduce network latency for an application that does not need to have the most up to date data is by using a read preference of nearest.

As per one of the questions, network latency can be reduced by both nearest and secondary as read preferences?

Can you please clarify how a read preference of secondary can reduce network latency?

Can somebody from the MongoDB University TA team help here? I can share the question if required…

Hi @PuneetC,

In my knowledge, nearest is the only best option to reduce network latency. I can provide more clarification if you can provide me the screenshot of the question, it will be more easy for me to provide an explanation.


Here is the question. I too thought nearest is the only correct answer, but they have marked secondary too?

Hi PuneetC,

This question choices are incorrect.
What you’ve submitted is correct.

Thanks for flagging.