Query isn't returning anything

Hey guys,look at it. I switched to correct db and then wehn i query stoned_month with a value it doesn’t return anything. If i query stoned_year,it correctly returns. I also cross checked the stoned_month property by running find companies,it exists like this with a numeric value. What am i missing?

Hi @Tahera_A,

The stoned_month: 2 exists as the key-value pair inside the milestones array.

Could you try the following MQL command to access those documents in which “stoned_month” is equal to 2?

db.companies.find({ "milestones.stoned_month" : 2});

In case you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to us!


hey kushagra,thanks man! I didn’t know it is inside an array. Thanks,it worked.

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