Query isn't correct but all seems ok in Atlas

Can you please advise what is wrong?

I tried to filter even for {“birth year”: “1961”} and results with nothing


Check some sample records
Querying numeric vs string is different

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Sometimes it is really hard to see this kind of typos even with experienced eyes since they occupy such a narrow space in writing.

when you write numbers in quotes, they are no longer numbers. they have just become a string of characters. and if the field in question is not created as a string value (the quotes) from the start, then the search will fail.

keep an eye on number-type fields in your queries.

Thank you for your comment but this still results me with nothing
not sure why all syntax looks correct to me

I have tested just now and the query, after number correction, works fine.

you might be having an extra space if you wrote manually or an invisible character if you copy-pasted. check that carefully and try again.

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Share the last query you used.

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