Query a data in an objectId in a document using Atlas search

I have a Product document with a reference to my users, I’d like to query the user information from my product model if I want to query the descriptions I’d use something like this if

(req.query.description) {
            text: {
              query: req.query.description,
              path: ["description", "title", "categorySearch"],
              fuzzy: {
                maxEdits: 1,
        } the docs suggest something like {
  index: '<index-name>',
  compound :{
      equals: {
        query: someObjectID,
        path: "<path-of-object-id>"

this doesnt work and returns “MongoServerError: “compound” must have at least one clause”. Assume my object is product.soldBy and soldBy is an ObjectID(John is the property of the userName in the Object), is it possble to query that objectId with somthing like http://localhost:8000/api/category-find?sortBy=undefined&soldBy=John