Pytest -m connection gives me error

I am facing this error
can’t do pytest -m connection

However Compass and mongo shell work perfectly

Hi @Yaroslav_Oliinyk,

I am looking for the solution, meanwhile can you try something like this:

     open /Applications/Python\ 3.6/Install\ Certificates.command

Python path would change and depend on where you have python installed on your system. [source]

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I don’t understand what do you want to check this way

Oh! I forgot to mention the reason. I was getting very similar error few months ago, and running above command which means installing certificates with python fixed the issue for me.
I included the source link as well.


thank you
will try it right now

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All worked
Thank you so much:)

Awesome! If you don’t mind sharing, what worked for the issue? It can help other users as well.


Your source link

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