PyMongo with BeeWare

My name is Kacper, I’m hobby programmer. I’ve been trying to use Beeware and PyMongo , and i couldn’t really get in hang of it, it works very well in developer mode but when i try to build it and run it says only “Could’t start application loginsystem”. Can you help me? I would really appreciate some help from much more expierienced programmer than myself. Sorry for my not perfect English.

On Beeware Forums we identified that problem is with something environment-specific - environment variables, assumptions about working directories, the handling of dynamic libraries - something like that.
Can someone please tell me what are PyMongo requirements that BeeWare cant really package it so well?

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Hi @Dinghy_Boat (Kacper) and welcome to the forums!

You need to find and debug where this error message is coming from in your code. This error message is not coming from PyMongo.

Without seeing any code snippets or a sample application it’s really difficult to know what the problem is. However, my wild guess would be your code is calling pymongo methods for login purposes, however the module pymongo is missing from the Beeware runtime package. If so, make sure you add pymongo in your pyproject.toml file. For example, see sindbach/beeware-mongodb-example/main/pyproject.toml

Also make sure you run briefcase update --update-dependencies and build, before executing run again.

If the above doesn’t solve your issue, please provide:

  • Operating System and version
  • PyMongo version
  • Minimal code example that able to reproduce the error


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Thanks for your help @wan

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