PyMongo 3.11.0b1 Released

We are pleased to announce the 3.11.0b1 release of PyMongo - MongoDB’s Python Driver. This beta release adds support for MongoDB 4.4.


Note that this release will not be uploaded to PyPI and can be installed directly from the GitHub tag:

python -m pip install
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Sorry, for commenting here, but I couldn’t find a way to DM. first of all thanks for PyMongo its an awesome library. I’m using it extensively, although I’m unable to find a method synonmous to ‘collMod’ used for updated ‘expiresAfterSecond’ on TTL index in pymongo docs.
This seemed like silly question to ask on forum.

Happy to help. In the future feel free to create a new forum post for this type of question. You can run the collMod command (or any other MongoDB command) with the Database.command() method:

>>> client.db.command('collMod', 'collection_name',
                      index={'name': 'index_name', 'expireAfterSeconds': 3600})

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wow! That was quick. Thank you so much @Shane . It worked.

@michael_hoeller Thank you for the warm welcome. Will definitely checkout the community guidelines. Looking forward to learning with and helping fellow developers.