Push setup failed(react native)

I’m trying to integrate Realm within my react native application. I used expo before and I’ve just hit expo eject today. I’m following this tutorial to learn how to use mongodb https://docs.mongodb.com/realm/tutorial/realm-app/#std-label-tutorial-task-tracker-create-realm-app. I’m stuck on the step for realm-cli push. I’m getting a “push setup failed: directory {directory path} is not a supported Realm app project”. I’m not able to find anything online regarding this, please help

Hi @Felix_Yu,

Which directory are you launching realm-cli from? The utility is used to pull and push the configuration of the Realm App on the backend (i.e. what you see on the Atlas site, and will keep your data in the Cloud), it has nothing to do with your React Native app, that will run on the client (i.e. mobile device) instead.

Maybe I’m missing something, feel free to clarify the situation by describing what you’re trying to achieve, so that we may focus our answers.

I think i fixed this, the problem was I had to realm-cli app init before trying to push anything.

Sure, a pull from an existing backend Realm app would have worked as well, glad you could solve the issue.