`pull failed: (403 Forbidden)` when pulling, despite correct account setup

Hey there!

I’m running into a strange issue. Out of the blue, I’m getting an error when I try to push or pull with the realm-cli:

pull failed: (403 Forbidden) Please check your Atlas API Whitelist entries to ensure that requests from this IP address are allowed

Everything was working great yesterday. I didn’t make any changes to my account or to project settings. Today, I went to pull changes I made to Realm functions to commit to source control and I started getting 403s. I’ve had this happen once before, and I wound up blowing away my API key, creating a new one, trying again (it didn’t work), and then going nuclear and removing all my app’s collections and then deleting and recreating the Realm app. This was a bummer.

I’m working in a local dev environment on a private account. On the Atlas side of things, I have an active network access rule for and an API key generated with Organization Owner permissions (listing 0 projects; I’m unsure if there is significance in this).

On the Realm side, the IP Access List also allows access from anywhere.

I tried logging out and logging back into the realm-cli, with no effect. Other commands within the realm-cli work without trouble (eg. accessList, users, whoami).

I’m stumped. Apart from the nuclear solution, I’m not sure what I can do. Given that this is the second time in a week that this has happened, it’s safe to say that it is no longer an isolated event which means I need to find resolution, as total annihilation of the DB layer of my app every time this happens really isn’t a workable solution. If this is a bug, I’d love to report it. If I’m missing something or being a bonehead about something, I’d love to course correct.

As a new user I’m limited to one image per upload. You can see screenshots for each part of my account here

Thanks in advance!


Hello Chris,

My name is Brock and I’d love to be of assistance.

First off, welcome to the community.

Secondly, could you do me a favor and go into Logs and click status, and from there select errors and then hit “search” and tell me if you see any error messages.

Thank you,


Hey, Brock.

Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the welcome to the community. I am seeing a bunch of Sync related TranslatorFatalError Errrors. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

Funny enough, I’m not getting the error today. Again, nothing in Realm changed on my end. I didn’t disable and re-enable Sync like the message is suggesting. It’s very strange.