PSA unable to write when S is stopped


I have checked docs and done many searches on this topic and thought I had it all figured but it just still doesn’t work out.

I have 16 shards in my cluster each is a PSA

I have set the default Write Concern to 1

    "setDefaultRWConcern" : 1,
    "defaultWriteConcern" : {
        "w" : 1
    "defaultReadConcern" : {
        "level" : "available"

I am insert_many with Python drivers and making sure to set the WriteConcern to 0 as with bulk operations.

curs = db_col.with_options(write_concern=WriteConcern(w=0)).insert_many(data)

Yet still when I shut down an S member of any shard the whole insert stops working until I bring the S back up again.

Any idea what else I can do?

what you mean by this?
timeout? exception? blocking forever?

Majority data bearing nodes should be up to acknowledge writes but Arbiter is a non data bearing
Check this link

I probably should have mentioned it is MongoDB 6.0.4
So it is supposed to work when Write Concern w=1 even with only PA up and S down, Isn’t it?

From the client the queries just stop and sit there not doing anything until S is back up again.

Here is a snippet from the current_ops which looks interesting

'numYields': 0,
   'waitingForLatch': {'timestamp': '2023-05-03T08:00:09.812+00:00',
    'captureName': 'FlowControlTicketHolder::_mutex'},
   'locks': {},
   'waitingForLock': False,
   'lockStats': {},
   'waitingForFlowControl': True,
   'flowControlStats': {'acquireWaitCount': 1,