Projection Solved

I have tried hundreds of logics to iterate over the list to pass the test but no use. This wasn’t taught and no one is replying either. Damn Support. very disappointing

Hello vishal-das!
You don’t have to be angry . A simple google search with the terms “mongodb find in list” would get you the solution for the problem. This is one of the pages in the results:
I followed the docs in the above link and it worked perfectly for me, you don’t need to iterate over the list, just pass it in as it is

My apologies man. I was a bit frustrated you know…happens to all of us! Thanks

Hello vishal-das,

Thanks for the note, I’m glad you solved this problem.

We generally try to respond to forum posts during the workweek (M-F), but posts over the weekend may not get a response until Monday.

Another thing to note: M220P doesn’t teach Python core concepts, data structures or language syntax in this course. We assume a basic understanding of Python, so we can focus on back-end application development with MongoDB.

Please continue to post any questions about the courseware here!