Program to create a CER (Collection Entity Relationship)

Hi i am trying to create a CER for myself but i cant actually find a program that helps me to create a collection entity relationship like the ones in the photo only for sql databases, so any subjections will be helpful.
PSD: Lucidchart and do not help on create that embed schema like the one that is on store_details

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tools which are very light and completely text based (so you can check them in with your code in /doc) are Mermaid and Plantuml. Both have plugins in vscode. Personally I use them depending on the usecase, Mermaid is very light and pure javascript, planuml is supported in a wide range of tools but requires java and graphviz

However, both are not perfect and both have embedded structures on the con side. With PlanUML you can partly workaround this but it is still a workaround. It is, as in, a complete manual process.

There are programs around which support the generation, but I never found a simple tool which only does the documentation.





Thank you so much, i will be reading some about mermaid seems to be interesting. It will be very util that Mongo says which program they use to create their ownss

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