Problems with testa running in node 11.11 fixed

On a MAC (mojave) and struggled with the following error:

TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag)’ of object ‘#<process>’

After much research it appear this is node 11.11 and easy fix was the following to downgrade to 11.10.1 which fixed the problem

in terminal
npm install -g n
this installs a version control for node then
sudo n 11.10.1
this sets the version to the one prior to 11.11
npm -v to show version is in fact 11.10.1

the following then ran fine:

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I have had this issue at the very begging of running $ npm test -t connection-pooling
The last piece of code for checking the node version should be $ node -v but not $ npm -v
Now the test still have errors, but seems irrelevant to the environment.
Many thanks for sharing the solution.