Problems with DLL files

Mongo DB Server is installed ok but when I try to run mongo either by Double clicking Or By Admin Command Line , message appears stating : api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing. I downloaded the dll but cannot be installed by regsvr32

What are you exactly trying to start and how? Can you show us an example or screenshot?

I assume that you are simply to start the mongo shell. You do this by starting cmd.exe or Powershell, and simply typing “mongo”. How’s that work out?

  • Start command prompt as Administrator
  • Move to directory where installed MongoDB Server
  • Enter command mongo
  • Error raised

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Based on some forum discussions at Microsoft, it appears that you need to repair an installed piece of software on your system. Don’t download and copy the missing DLL manually, but use the repair function of Windows.

i resolved it issues with visual code, and laragon, skype it applications fix this problem installing all dlls files

try it